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Matt Smith, American Fine Artist

J.F. (Jerry) was one of those rare folks who had a presence that demanded attention. His infectious enthusiasm, happy disposition, focus and talent were on constant display. These qualities couldn't help but influence his work in a positive way

and give it a depth that was unique to him.

He will be missed.

Matt Smith


Ralph Oberg - American Fine Artist

I send my deep condolences for our sudden loss. Im deeply saddened to hear of J.F.'s (Jerry's) passing. I considered him a friend, and I enjoyed our interactions. I always feel badly that my life is so busy and complex that I seldom get to invest enough in the many great people I meet.  J.F. was one I particularly regret not having given more of my time. 

He had such a passion for life and his art. He was a favorite student because he was so excited to learn and a simple joy of a person to be with. I seriously wanted to accept his invitation to visit him in Coburg, unfortunately it didnt happen. 

J.F. was one of those rare and infectiously cheerful people that we all enjoy , and I was always happy to receive his calls and see him on my student list repeatedly. He leaves not only his loving family and those lucky to have known him, but also a legacy of artwork that clearly shows his passionate love of the world and the making of art. There is a hole in the world, he will be missed.

Ralph Oberg 

Renown Canadian Abstract Artist & Our Dear Friend Jim Balzan - RIP (2019)

Jim Girolamo Balzan, Celebrated Canadian Abstract Artist - (RIP 2019)

I met J.F. (Jerry) through his daughter. Though it was a very brief time, I realized he was a kindred spirit …

J.F. had a love for life, family & friends.

His work he left us is a tiny window into his soul, a reflections of the man …

His understanding through nature, capturing the essence of light and its powerin in the way we see things …

   I am no one

let the stir of the echo

be our guiding light

I am coming home

   I am one

*Photo: Jim Balzan & Curator, Artist & Beloved Hellen Cumber 


Catherine Curran - Indigenous Artist & Arts Influencer

I've had the pleasure of working with many collections and exhibits within the City of Toronto and Ottawa supporting local emerging and renowned Artists works over the past decade. I had the pleasure of working with the Estate works for J.F.Albert in late 2018 and the experience was truly inspiring - I was given rare access to a vault of his works and was allowed to visit his private sanctuary and studio.

The Exhibit downtown Toronto was a success with some of my favorite selected pieces selling to collectors and even one special piece to a City official who promotes institutional and public works for the City of Toronto. AS a former Gallery owner myself downtown Toronto I must say that this collection is a rare find and overwhelming in it's impact and potent landscapes and plein air art. He was truly a Master. 

As a collector myself, J.F. sits amongst the select pieces in my collection of Group of Seven works and J.F. And Manly MacDonald are the feature pieces, his technique and fluid capture of both light and shadow of flora and fauna includes him in this esteemed group of Masters. His broad range of study and practice truly is a testament to a celebrated Life’s Work.

J.F. was an influential Canadian Artist who truly lived his Art - being a soulful and respected artist of my Peoples. He was influenced by and influenced many artists and communities within Canada and the US visiting, living with and celebrating our customs and respect for Mother Nature. In turn, he was gifted, rather, granted honorary emblems of our Peoples and his art reflecting some of the history and regal stead of our Peoples remain the favorite pieces of his Life Works.

I was touched to be able to see his custom paintbox with the bold and strong colours of the Medicine Wheel - an honor to behold

J.F (Jerry)  is purely a visionary and his vocation to capture "Canadian Landscape" - rich vistas of the Dakotas and the vibrant waterways and life on the shores of Eastern Canada puts him in a realm of Artist Master beholden to a level only few can boast.


Catherine Curran

Indigenous Arts & Exhibits

For City of Toronto &

Annex Studios Toronto, ON

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