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"Essence & Depiction", A new collection from fine artist J.F. Albert

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Essence & Depiction is the first in a series of exhibits that will appear in this online gallery to celebrate the work of internationally acclaimed Plein Air Artist, J.F.Albert.

The fine art paintings chosen for this exhibit demonstrate the artist's passion for all things outdoors – wildlife, landscapes, seascapes and demonstrate his versatility to capture both the rugged and serene.

While there have been many media articles that mention that J.F.Albert has been named a contemporary Manly MacDonald, this exhibit focuses on these similarities while identifying the style that is truly J.F.Albert. Both of these acclaimed artists painted outdoors using oil on board or oil on canvas on which to create their work. Each has a semi-impressionistic style and known for their rugged landscapes and use of colour. The ability to paint En Plein Air requires the talent to capture the subject matter as well as a unique and absolute focus on light that changes as the hours pass.

In this show, you can feel the artist's love and admiration of nature, the essence, and will be drawn into the work by its dramatic use of colour and unique style, the depiction.

For sales, media or gallery enquires please contact:

Carol Feeney

J.F.Albert Artist Representation

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